Premier League

In the English Premier League match early this morning, Chelsea at the Waterford 1-4 loss, suffered two straight leagues. In the current round of defeat, Chelsea advance only 1 point behind Tottenham, fourth place precarious.

Chelsea midfielder Bakakoyko was sent off in the first half and was sentenced to a penalty, although Azar tied the score in the 82nd minute. But the last seven minutes, Chelsea suddenly collapses even throwing three goals, the final far to 1-4 fiasco. Coupled with the previous 0-3 loss to Bournemouth, Chelsea, the first time in 23 consecutive years, two consecutive net Premier League lose 3 goals.

Currently Manchester City takes the top of the Premiership ranking, 69 points at the top of the list, ahead of the second Manchester United 13 points, the championship has almost lost the suspense. Even more concerned about the fans, Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham, Arsenal, the top five league Premier League that can get the Champions League qualification next season.

At present, Manchester United to 56 points in the standings, qualifying the Champions League in a slight advantage. Liverpool 51 points, Chelsea 50 points, Tottenham 49 points, the gap between the third and fifth only two points, we can say that paradise and hell are at the forefront, the three teams in the next round can After the ranking the league will change drastically.

Arsenal ranked sixth in the current 45 points, the gap is slightly larger, in front of the team must take the initiative to make mistakes have the opportunity to move forward. However, the Gunners also have an advantage, namely that the KO of the Champions League will start, the top five teams in the English Premier League must focus on the Champions League, and Arsenal only participate in the European Cup . In the fight for the advantage of fighting two tough rival in the top four.

Chelsea in the recent bad record, the most recent two Premier League, the Blues first 0-3 loss to Bournemouth, then 1-4 they lost to Waterford, this performance is very bad, although Chelsea may rank fourth league, but often in the low career brewing tragedy, which makes people very optimistic Chelsea can get Champions League qualifications at the end of the season.

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2017/18 Tottenham Hotspur Football Kits

Immediately in April, the 2017-18 Premier League season is about to enter the finals of the final. The battle for the championship is no longer a suspense, but the competition for two or three players is extremely fierce: Manchester United, Liverpool, Tottenham, Chelsea will fight for the TOP4. “Daily Mirror” analyzed the next team schedule and predicted the outcome of each game. The final data showed that Chelsea ranked fifth in the misfortune.

The Spurs are currently in fourth place, and the next three rounds of the league are crucial for the Spurs, the opponents being Chelsea, Stoke City and Manchester City. If you pass this wave, Tottenham can take a favorable position in the first four battles. In addition, Kane’s injury left Spurs with many prospects. The Mirror predicted that the final score for the Spurs was 77 points.

Aldwyer Verdid was an integral part of the centerpiece of last season’s Tottenham, but this season, due to injuries and other reasons, his playing time has been drastically reduced. Obviously, coach Martinez worried that the absence of a match in the club would affect the effectiveness of Aldwylled for the country. However, Martinez was pleased with Aldwylled’s performance in the match against Saudi Arabia. “He always maintained that kind of defensive habit, he was very enthusiastic in the game. He was very happy to see him play 90 minutes in good condition. ”

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